Sunday, July 15, 2007


I'm shutting Lei-Z Daze down and will now be posting San Onofre and related stuff on San-O Dized, not to be confused with San-O Daze. Aloha.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flat Saturday.

Flat, flat, flat. Knee to maybe waist high wind waves. Nothing in the near future. Aloha.

Small stuff only.

Making the most of what there was to offer.

Weekend warriors. Desperadoes. Die-hards. Whatever you call them , I was not among them today.

Perfect conditions for this guy.

Not a whole lot to get excited about.

Low tide casualty.

As much as I like dogs, they are still not allowed at San-O. Signs are everywhere. But if you're not caught...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Teeny, Tiny

I went down to San-O this morning and got in the water, mostly for exercise as the surf was puny, knee to waist high with a tad bigger set every half hour. I met one of my fellow bloggers, "M" from 'The Surf and the Fury', who made the trek from up L. A. Now that's dedication on her part.

The water temp has dropped a bit, I'd say about 5 degrees or so, to around 67. I wore a fullsuit after using a long sleeved springsuit for most of my other sessions and was glad I did. When I first got in the ocean this morning, my little toes started to gripe because they were cold, but by the time I got out, they were fine. If this west winds stays blowing, the water will stay on the coldish side, but once they stop and return to the norm, it should heat back up to the 70's and it will be back to the springsuit. I don't see myself going bareback, unless it hits the high 70's like in Hawaii. Aloha.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Pictures from cell phones aren't the best, but it's better than nothing. Stephen Stills at the Downtown Disney House of Blues, 7.11.2007.
Last night I attended the Stephen Stills concert at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney. I wasn't sure what to expect as I haven't heard much of his stuff for a long time. Remembering how he looked many years ago when he used to hang out in Lahaina, I kind of expected the worst. As it turned out, he was very good. He actually looked better than he did back in the 70's, when he was drinking and partying up a storm, which actually was pretty much the norm back then. I took a couple of pictures with my phone camera, but they didn't come out worth a bean. One of our group went down to floor level and got right in front of the stage and took some pictures as well, again with a phone. Hopefully I can get my hands on one and will post if successful.

Surf is flat, but it looks like, for a few days at least, that the morning overcast is gone as today it is bright and sunny from the get go. Aloha.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I've decided to keep this blog going instead of starting a new one, at least for the time being. I've been hitting the surf at San-O quite a lot in the last week or so and the waves, especially on the fourth, have been just fine. For some reason on the fourth, even though it was crowded as heck, I caught all the waves I wanted and was hopped very few times. Maybe it was because of the look on my face, I know people were probably thinking, "Oh no, here comes that out of control guy again!" Actually, I felt totally in control for a change. I sat outside and picked up just about any set wave I wanted, starting with the 75 minute session at 6:00 a.m. and extending to my second go out at 8:00 a.m. I probably surfed at least 2 1/2 hours. In fact, I have been staying out for a good 2 hours every time I have surfed lately, the water seems just fine to me. I think I have surfed about 5 or 6 days out of the last 8 or 9, more than I did on Kaua'i. I know part of the reason is that at San-O you don't have to paddle a quarter to a half mile out!

My homecoming at San-O has been great, I appreciate being back among the gang and their warm aloha's. Hopefully I won't wear thin on them. Now all I need is a job and a car and a place to live of my own.

Pictures below are from Thursday. Aloha.

Howard. Visit his blog at this link.

Since I didn't ask him if I could name him, he shall remain nameless.

Mark, San-O July 5th, part 1.

Part 2.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I still haven't started a new blog, but I have returned to posting gibberish on San-O Daze, my original blog. However, it is not for the faint of heart as I am not the only one posting there...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Aloha Kaua'i

I have alluded to changes coming for me in the past few months. They have begun in earnest. I no longer reside in Hawaii, I have returned to Southern California, where hopefully I will find more lucrative money-making opportunities.

Why the move, you may ask? There were many reasons, ranging from $$$ to politics and what I consider an ridiculous tax structure in da islands. Hawaii withholds more from paychecks than the federal government! I view it as becoming more and more of a welfare state. I met many people living off of welfare and food stamps than I could believe, and they have no desire to work or better themselves. The roads are atrocious, they just keep building more and more condos and hotels and are not concerned with traffic, from what I could tell. The cops are corrupt. The politicians are corrupt. The locals keep electing the same fools who keep screwing them. It's a plantation mentality.

Hawaii has the lowest unemployed rate in the nation, but a overwhelming amount of those jobs are minimum wage service industry jobs. You need to work two or three jobs to make a decent living and what time does that leave for enjoying the swiftly disappearing beauty? Not much. The place is going downhill fast if you ask me. Maybe that's because I remember what it used to be like 30 years ago when I lived there previously for close to 15 years.

Anywho, I left Kaua'i Tuesday for good. Whether I continue this blog is undecided, I am leaning towards starting a new one, which I will let everyone who visits here know about when I get it up and running. So for the last time here, Aloha.