Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hey, hey, hey! Today I have a series of photos of two guys body surfing in front of the hot pool at Pohoiki. There was a nice 3-foot left that they were riding. I asked one of the guys' "lady friend" if anyone surfed there because it definitely looked boardable. She laughed and said "No", then explained to me that the spot was known as "Band Aids". I took a further look and understood why. You may be able to tell from the photos. Getting in is not a real problem, it's getting out of the water. You either scramble up the rocks, or shoot the gap in the small breakwall. Trying to do that with a board would be suicidal. This spot is right next to the surf spot known as "Secrets", if any of you are familiar with the area. We had gone there, my nephew, my sister and myself, because I told them how nice and warm the water was in the pool, since I had already tried it out the week before. I was looking forward to lounging and relaxing my old tired muscles in some bathtub-like water (temp wise). Well, surprise, surprise. The surf was a bit bigger than the last time I was there and the tide was a lot higher so the ocean water was pushing into the pool (by the way, it's an ocean water pool, naturally heated from volcanic vents) and the temperature was not what I hoped for. It probably was only about 80 degrees, not the 90 something I wanted. Still real nice though.

I made it to Kauai yesterday and am just laying low today. The surf is pretty darn small, but I expect to get wet tomorrow and daily until I return to the Big Island. Evidently, I brought rain with me, as it is coming down right now and rained most of the night. My friends told me it's been dry for a week or so. Not now!

Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Aloha.


Blogger panaman said...

The body surfing looks a bit hairy.

11:56 AM  
Blogger puttzle said...

Only getting in and out of the water. Otherwise, the waves were breaking away from the rocks...

12:14 PM  
Blogger panaman said...

Nextel Larry made it up to the Wedge yesterday. The waves were reported to be bone crushing.

5:44 PM  

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