Saturday, August 20, 2005

Not much surf happening, at least not on this side of Kauai. I did go out at Anini beach for about an hour and a half. The waves were about 1 to maybe 3 foot with lousy conditions. By hey, who cares when it's 87 degrees with 80+ degree water. People who know how picky I was at San Onofre would be surprised that I even went out, but I am finding I am not nearly as picky here as I was there. Umm, no duh! No wetsuit constricting me and warm water, a no brainer.

I still am undecided as to where I will end up. I know finding work here on Kauai would not be a problem, but I really like the cooler weather where I was at on the Big Island. I will probably stay here on Kauai for about another week, then return to the Big Island and figure out my next step.

Hope everyone is well. Aloha.


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