Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yesterday, my sister, nephew and I took a sightseeing tour. I finally saw another 1/5 of this island that I had never seen before. I figure I've seen about 2/5's of this whole place. Much more to see. I have more photos that I will post either later today or tomorrow morning before I depart for Kauai. I thought it was beautiful around here, but it is just as, or even more breathtaking where we went yesterday. Massive Koa forests, plenty waterfalls and just plain pretty stuff! There is a place called the Waipio Valley that was a mindblower. We were at the lookout (photos upcoming) when I glanced down and saw avocados growing wild, with guava and coffee right next. The only problem was that it was like 100-150 feet straight down, and there was no way to grab them. We then drove down the valley and that scene repeated itself, with the addition of this one mango tree that was holding. Once again, you'd need a 'cheery picker' to get them.

Speaking of Mangos, I am not happy with the state of the mango union over here. When I lived on Maui back in the 'old days', mangos were easy to get, they grew everywhere. They still grow all over the place, but now they cost like $2.00 a pound! I watched some lady at the farmer's market paying almost $12.00 for three mangos! I like mangos, but not that much. Consequently, I have only had two since I got here. Maybe Kauai will be better. However, there are papayas and bananas galore here, so that has become my morning staple. Tasty!

Hope everyone is well. Aloha.


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