Friday, September 30, 2005

Island Style

Still no car. As is the way here, things move very slowly. One car I looked at is not yet ready for me, another has to have a part replaced before the guy will show it to me. Then there is a 1980 VW camper that just showed up in today's paper. Something has to come together soon, I just have to be patient. I have no choice in the matter.

I don't know how the surf is, one of the youngsters at the house left real early but has already returned saying it is windy as heck. Myself, I have to go into Lihue to pick up my shipped stuff. That is this mornings agenda. At least I will get to check out the surf on the way into the big city and can give some kind of feedback later today.


Anonymous Keith Meter said...

hey mike.... this is keith. i no longer have a home computer. after you left, i chucked the whole thing in the dumpster. all is good here. i think you left just in time. it ended but being such a crazy summer. i have never seen san-o so crowded. i had to spend many mornings at trail 6 to stay sane. i missed hanging with the boys but also had to draw the line. i hope that you are doing well. whatever you do, don't come back here. write back when you can @

7:35 PM  

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