Friday, September 23, 2005

Last Big Island Posting

Big day tomorrow. Today, we took a drive down to the hot pool and then over to Pohoiki to check the surf. I guess we were a day late for the surf, from what people said, it was much bigger yesterday. Due to the larger surge and high tide, the hot pool was, well, not real hot! I hate it when that happens. However, it was nice to get in the water nonetheless. I did not take my board as it needs some repair and is nice and dry, so I can fix it as soon as I get to Kauai tomorrow, and then it's surfing time again! I took a few pictures as you can see below.

I have turned on the word verification feature for comments. I realize that is a little bit of a hassle for some, but it should eliminate the lurkers advertising their sites. Sorry for any inconvenience. Aloha.


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