Saturday, September 24, 2005

On Kauai

I made it Kauai with minimal problems. On the Big Island, the winds had shifted from the normal trades and Vog (volcanic smog) was prevalent, as was the humidity. I was sweating up a storm! As my carry on bag, I took my computer. I had wrapped it up with that plastic stuff used for shipping. Big mistake. Because of that, I got the third degree from security. In other words, they pulled me aside and went through everything I had, my camera, everything in my camera case, my computer, as well as myself. Kind of like going through secondary at the border. At least where my person was concerned, there was only my shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops, or slippers as we call them here. A quick wave of the 'wand' and pat down and that part was finished. The rest of my things took a bit longer, probably 10 minutes in all. Good thing I was an hour + early. A couple of guys who came up behind me were not so lucky. They were coming through for a second time as the first time took so long that they missed their original flight.

Looking in the paper, I see a couple of cars that are in my price range and I am going to call about them after I finish this post. Wish me luck! Aloha.


Blogger Surfsister said...

Good luck!!! You'll have to surf for me from here on out. I'm sure you'll find a car and a job quickly.

4:29 AM  

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