Friday, September 02, 2005

Surfed some fun waves at Pohoiki this morning for about 45 minutes, then it shut down for some reason. Real nice conditions, 2-3 foot surf. I met a local guy out there (only four of us out) who lived on Maui when I did and we talked story for a good half hour waiting for a wave. Turns out we know a lot of the same people and he is related to some old classmates of mine who I knew well. It's a small world put there. Stopped at the hot pool on the way back and it was nice and warm today, unlike the last time I tried to go there. I have discovered that the hot pool is hottest at low tide. Once the tide rises, the cooler ocean water dilutes the warmth. I'd say at low tide it's like a bathtub and it's nice and relaxing after a surf session.

Have a great Labor day weekend. Aloha.


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