Thursday, October 13, 2005

Afternoon Update

Arby's problem turns out to be a vent hose on the gas tank that has fallen off. I will need to either have someone fix it or attempt to repair it myself. As long as I only put about 1/2 tank, I am fine. I also switched the registration on it and it cost me a whopping $3.00!

I cruised down to Hanalei once I got back from Lihue and shot a few pictures. It was kind of disorganized but definitely had some size. The pictures don't really show how big the sets are and how bumpy it is out there. I didn't get any real urge to surf it, just because it was funky looking and I didn't think my board would work in it. I heard yesterday afternoon it was excellent, glassy and 6-8 foot faces and bigger sets. That's about what it looked like today, but without the clean conditions.

I also am going to look at a place to live on Saturday. Hopefully, it will come to fruition. Aloha.


Blogger DonHo said...

The pics of Hanalei look good compared to anything here in the Madlands. But I remember how rough the paddle is and how far out the wave breaks there. Looks like it would have be a tough session at the bay (Kauai style). Hope the car drama gets put to rest....

4:37 PM  

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