Saturday, October 15, 2005

Moving On

I am moving into a 20 foot shipping container next week! It's had two sliding doors and a window installed as well as a kitchen built off of one side. There is a nice porch in the front and plenty of space all around. A good friend of mine lives next door. It is a little off the beaten path, nice and quiet. There are avocado, banana and papaya trees as well as some other fruit trees which I am not familiar with, but probably will be in the near future. Eventually, I will take a picture or two and post them.

Not much happening surf wise today from what I am hearing. I haven't looked at it yet and don't think I am going to, I'll wait until the morning. I do know there is supposed to be a contest at Pine Trees. If it wasn't such a zoo down there, I would have gone for a look-see. Maybe what I will do is check the surf tomorrow and then go check out the contest if it is still going. Aloha.


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