Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So I am cruising home after work yesterday when Arby decides to stop running. Apparently, I ran out of gasoline. The gauge showed fuel until it ran out, then it showed zilch. I think I will have to get a gas can to carry around in case of emergencies. Better yet, I think I need to save a few more bucks and replace Arby, ASAP.

Surfed Rock Quarries late yesterday afternoon, after I hitchhiked to Kilauea (a couple of miles) from where Arby took a breather. I called a friend who luckily enough was off of work yesterday, and he picked me up and towed Arby and myself back to Kilauea. We filled up a gas can and went surfing. 2-3 foot with light variable winds made it nice. It was the best I have ever seen the place, but that's not saying a whole lot as I've only surfed there about 5 times now.

It turns out that the 20 foot container is actually a 40 foot container! I went and looked at it again yesterday evening and it looks a lot better at night! I think it will work out fine in the long run, at least for the time being.


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