Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sorry for the absence of posts recently, I don't have the ready access to a computer that I enjoyed previously. That should change around the end of next week as my neighbor and I should have a wireless network set up that will allow me to hook my machine back up to the internet.

This past week was a strange one. Arby again displayed similar symptoms as before. My neighbor adjusted the timing a bit and it runs better, but something is still off. I need to take it to a mechanic and get the timing straightened out. Then there was Tuesday which turned out to be pretty much of a disaster. I mowed the 'lawn' around the container. I broke the rake handle raking up the cuttings. I busted the starter line three times. A part of the mower fell off. I also cut the cable for the TV in the process. Since it comes from my friend and neighbor's place, we decided to rerun the line and elevate it to remove the problem. After doing that, we turned on my television and found that the picture was not good, not good at all. We messed with everything we could think of, tracing the cable for breaks or whatever. We even got a small TV and extension cord and went to any junction in the 125 foot run to see if we could find the bad spot. At my friend's house, it finally worked. He messed with the connector and off we went to my place to test. I click on the remote and nothing happened. The power light on my TV is flashing, very slowly. Slower and slower it goes until it finally blinks out. TV is dead! Wal-Mart, where I bought it a week ago, is in Lihue, about 45-60 minutes away and I don't think Arby will make it. Lucky for me, my neighbor has two vehicles and was kind enough to lend me his truck the following day and I got a different TV. I also got some new cable and ran it so there was only one junction. The new TV works fine now.

Surf has been so-so, I've been busy but need to get into the water soon. Maybe later today ot tomorrow as we are supposed to have Kona winds for a few days, and that is good for this area. Aloha.


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