Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Update

After watching some football and NASCAR, I decided to go for a cruise to Hanalei, since it turned out to be a pretty sunny day. Not a bit of surf, but we are hopeful that something is coming. I took some pictures that I have posted below.

Now on to the vehicle. I am not happy. Yesterday, I attempted to fill the gas tank as there was only a little bit when I bought it. Prices are due to go up Monday from @$3.30 a gallon by at least $.025. I filled it until the pump stopped. I don't remember how many gallons an old VW bus holds, I thought it was around 12, maybe 16. It stopped just before 13. Next thing I know, a guy at another pump informs me that gas is leaking. I'll say! It was pouring out! I bought this van because I was tired of looking and waiting for people to show me their cars days after I had called after seeing an ad in the paper. It has it's problems (major rust), but I needed some wheels damnit! I don't know if there is so much rust that I blew the top of the tank, or what. This happened Saturday. It stopped leaking after about 1/4 of the tank exited. I called the people I bought it from and what do I get? A "The caller's voicemail box is full" message. I call and call and it's the same dang message, getting more depressed by the moment. Finally the guy called me late this morning. I asked if I could get my money back. He says he has spent some on bills. Ahh yes. I can relate. He says he will come and fix it, and if he is unable to, get someone who can fix it. He has assured me that he will take care of it. The old van runs nicely, slow as a snail, but hey, this is da islands, brah, no hurries, no worries. It's also better than nothing at all. It still reeks of gas even though the leak seems to have abated somewhat. I, however, have a splitting headache. I wonder why?!? I think it's time for a beer. Aloha.


Blogger panaman said...

Do yourself a favor and return the van for whatever you can get. They are a bottomless money pit that will drain your resources dry; unless you're a skilled mechanic with unlimited time, patience, tools, and cash. I put 2k into mine before I realized that it's not rational behavior to throw good money away. Every month it was some off the wall, unexpected part giving out or falling off. The leak in the gas tank is par for the course. Let's say the seller is able to plug the hole. You still are left with the gromets, seals and hoses. Your looking at an easy grand. I was just dealing with the same problem a month ago. Best of luck.

4:53 PM  
Blogger puttzle said...

Thanks, Panaman.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Whiffleboy said...

I must agree here. I had one that was immaculate aesthetically, but, involved 2 overhauls in two years. Money pit!!!

9:08 AM  

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