Thursday, October 13, 2005

Today is the day I get Arby's gas problem checked out. So, I did not go to work. Instead, in hopes that there would be some surf with size, I went to look at the waves, camera in hand (and my board also). I got some shots of Kalihiwai that are below. Lots of backwash and all shortboards, so I stayed on the beach, watching. Now it's time to head for Lihue to meet the guy about the car.

I did surf yesterday evening at Rock Quarries. Every now and then, a decent sized set with 5 to 6 foot faces would come rolling through. There was one local guy sitting outside of everyone catching the sets. I paddled out and struck up a conversation with him. I then watched and followed him around so I could see where to take off. He was totally cool with that, even telling me when a set was looming...not that I couldn't tell myself, but there were a lot of sucker waves that weren't quite big enough to catch from where we were. He would tell me that I shouldn't go because it was a sucker one. My first few waves were pretty much disasters, my back has been hurting and it was stiff and sore, so I will blame it on that. Convenient, no? Rock Quarries gets almost exclusive onshore winds, so it only gets really good when there is minimal wind, or Kona winds. The Tradewinds make it a mess when they are blowing fairly strong. After a couple of rides with varying degrees of success, I snagged a nice big one. Imagine my surprise when all I did the whole wave was dodge people in my way! I was dropping in and this guy was smack dab in my sights about 10 yards away, just sitting there. Don't they realize I am totally out of control!!! My board is bouncing all over the place, I swear I'm in a Maytag. I made it past him only to have the same thing repeat itself two more times. Dang! Still, I had fun and on my last wave I rode it almost all the way to the beach. Hooray for me!

Time to go, I may take the camera and possibly get more pictures. Aloha.


Blogger panaman said...

Great action pics. Thanks for the treat.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ditto on the pix. Saw TM today. Feeling much better, but goes back for chemo #7 Friday. Kauai sounds like a better fit for you.

Sheriff Bob

12:25 PM  

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