Monday, December 05, 2005

As is the norm for me, I got up before dawn. Since I am working in a different location for the next couple of days, I can surf at dawn if I so choose. Today, I chose not to as it was fairly big and kind if disorganized. About 6 or 8 guys paddled out, all of them on full guns. That told me that my 9' Hobie would not be a good fit. When I got to Hanalei, it was just starting to get light out, still too dark to really see what was going on. From what I could see, it looked pretty good. All of a sudden, I see this guy getting OUT of the water! Huh? I walked over to him and asked how it was and what was he doing out there in the dark!?! He said it was messed up and the current was raging. Then it got lighter and I could see that it was 4-6 with 8 foot sets and building. I snapped some pictures and stuck them below. Aloha, it's off to work!


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