Monday, December 26, 2005

First Take

Well, there definitely is surf! I was at Pila'a at daybreak hoping to get some picture taking in before heading to work. As you can see, I was successful! I tried to post the earliest photos from top to bottom. Successful again! It's hard to tell size from the top of a cliff ("It's bigger than it looks, said the Mayor") and nobody was out. I went to work and found out that the keys were not in their place, so instead of sitting around and waiting until who knows when, I returned to check the surf again (Sorry, Bob). It was a tiny bit smaller than earlier, but there was one guy out doing the old tow-in. Wow! I am impressed and was impressed by the guys knowledge of the break. There were less huge sets than at dawn, but man-o-man were there some beauties. I am now going to head toward Hanalei, camera in tow, so to speak. I may have more to post later. Aloha.


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