Friday, December 02, 2005

Opportunity Missed

Like a dummy, I haven't been carrying my surfboard in Arby, unless I am specifically going surfing. I worry that Arby will die and I will have to leave my board and it will get stolen. Bad move. Today, I assume the surf is absolutely smoking as it is pushing all the way to Kapa'a, which is on the east side and is around where I am working. I stopped and shot a few photos, as seen below. There were about 5 or 6 guys out and a ton of waves going unridden. It was 2-4 with a few 5 footers thrown in, from what I saw in the 15 minutes I watched. All I could think about was how lame I was for leaving my board at home! I don't know why I worry about it getting stolen for it has a very distinctive color scheme that is easily recognizable. It's in Arby right now, as a matter of fact, and there it will travel along with me. Aloha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate when that happens!

5:09 AM  

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