Thursday, December 08, 2005

The surf came up today and Hanalei was smoking! When it is big, the paddle out is brutal. That seems to be par for the course here on the Garden Isle, every place we surf lately is a long paddle. I'd call the size a solid 6 foot with 8 foot sets, or double to triple overhead. Once we got out there, we hung at the inside bowl as it didn't look like the waves were makeable from outside. Let me tell you, as time progressed, the waves started connecting from outside. Only problem was that there were about 40 guys out there and I didn't feel like fighting all of them to try to get a wave from there. All these consecutive days of surfing have worn Puttzle out! I am tired. That didn't stop me from going out, but my energy level was definitely down. I managed to get about 5 waves, took one colossal wipeout, and had a couple of satisfying rides. It's all good. Aloha.


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