Sunday, December 18, 2005

The surf has finally started to come up this morning. We surfed Rock Quarries due to the Kona winds, it's about one of the only spots around here that is good with Kona's. Myself, I had a blast, I paddled out to the right side of the bay and surfed pretty much by myself. Got some decent rides, I'd say the surf was 2-4 with bigger sets. However, while I was out there, it definitely was picking up. We drove over to Pila'a for a look see and I snapped some pictures but only one did it justice. The waves in the picture are a solid 5 foot, Pila'a is one of the big wave spots here on Kauai. Probably be some tow-in guys out there later and I may go back to take more photos. Aloha.


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