Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I got off of work last night, jumped in Arby, started him up, and began my short drive home. I knew immediately something was amiss. I had a flat! I drove to our local gas station hoping to stick some air in the tire to make it home. No luck, as they lock up the air/water hoses overnight. I limped home and waited for my neighbor to come home from work. I borrowed a tire iron, which Arby does not possess. I figured as soon as it was light enough, I would attempt a tire change. I really wanted to get an early jump on the surf check, but ended up getting to the Bay around 8:00, after successfully changing Arby's diaper, er, I mean tire. The surf, as seen from the photos, is less than what was expected, at least to start the day. As well, there was a kind of sickness on the water, if you know what I mean...less than ideal conditions, so I stayed out. Worse than yesterday. Reports say the swell should peak by late this afternoon, but the buoy that I check is not signifying that will be the case. I will keep an eye on the buoy and if it jumps significantly, I will head over to Pila'a for some more pictures. Aloha.


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