Thursday, March 02, 2006

Home Again

I flew back to Kaua'i yesterday, arriving just in time for the latest rainstorm. It started raining at about 4:00 p.m. and finally stopped around 8:00 this morning. No slight rainfall type of storm, oh no, it poured continually throughout the night. Made most of the rainstorms I saw on the Big Island tame in comparison. Things are a bit wet in the old container, as it seems I have a leak or two...or three. Not to worry, a bit of caulking should fix it right up. I just need for things to dry out a bit and that is expected for the weekend, a return to typical Hawaii weather.

I haven't bothered to check the surf yet as I am sure the road into Hanalei is closed due to flooding. I will have to look elsewhere. If there are opportunities to snap pictures, I will post some later.

Arby survived my being gone better than I expected. When I bought Arby, the guy who sold him to me told me to disconnect the battery because somewhere there was a short that drained it. I did that for a while, then decided to leave it connected. My reasoning was that the previous owner rarely used Arby as it was a weekend getaway vehicle for him and his girlfriend. That proved to be true, I never had a problem. I was worried that the 2 week hiatus from use, fearing a dead battery upon my return, but he fired right up! One tire was a bit low, so I remedied that this morning with a bit of air.

I have owned somewhere near 10 Volkswagens of varying types, a Golf, a Rabbit, Arby and about 7 Beetles. One of my bugs had a problem with the interior light and the window washer not functioning. I remember slamming the door one day and the interior light suddenly came on! I tried the window washer and it also was working. Yesterday, I drove Arby (slamming the door as is required to close it) and noticed that the minute hand on the previously non-functioning clock was obscuring the gas gauge. I was slightly perturbed as it been at 4:00 and was not any longer at 4:00. I immediately thought about my old bug and sure enough, the clock's second hand was sweeping away, another instance of the power of slamming your car's door, but is guess it has to be a Volkswagen. Aloha.


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