Friday, March 10, 2006

Wow! We had a little rain last night. OK, we had a lot of rain last night, so much that my container home sprung a leak. I'm not sure where since the water's only on the floor, not dripping from the roof or running down the walls. That tells me that there is a huge puddle underneath, or it's running down the outside walls and making it's way in through the floor area. Strange, it never leaked before when we had hard rains. I guess all the moisture has saturated the land so much that it has nowhere else to go.

Not sure how the surf is, I imagine the water is filthy and I don't think I want to venture out in it. As well, for all I know the bridge to Hanalei is closed, so there is no way in or out of Hanalei.

I have in the past posted pictures of Pila'a, from the cliff (surf shots) and from the beach at my friend's house. A car dealer from Oahu owns all the surrounding land (some 350+ acres) and in his infinite wisdom, a few years ago decided to do some major unpermitted grading and cutting of cliffs for a roadway. As a result, when the rains hit a few years ago, massive flooding ensued and overran my friends house and destroyed the reef. In today's paper, it was announced that he is being hit with a 7.5 million dollar fine. Estimates are that it will take 100 years to bring the reef and surrounding areas back to their original state. The guy's an idiot! Aloha.


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better be careful you might get washed out to sea at least you have a nice rubber floating bed. right

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