Friday, July 28, 2006

With a car that works comes dealing with Kauai's traffic. Let me tell you, I don't care what anyone says, Kauai's driver's are the worst! Mix in a bunch of clueless tourists who tend to stop in the middle of the road, and you have the makings of an unpleasant trip on the roadways. I find myself muttering obscenities. Can't people keep a steady speed? It seems like the drivers here have no concept of speed limits, they go 25 in the 45 zone and 45 in the 25 zone, go figure. Turn signals? What are those for? Someone waiting at a cross street? Jam on your brakes, stop everyone behind you, and let them in, even though there is a huge gap behind the car after you where the person can easily make their turn. They call this "driving with Aloha", I call it "driving without a clue." Aloha for whom? The person turning? What about the people behind you, is that showing Aloha? Methinks not.

I need to take a tip from my neighbor! When he goes into Lihue, he leaves Kilauea around 7:00 in the evening when traffic is at a minimum. Unfortunately, there are times when one needs to go to Kapa'a or Lihue and it isn't in that time frame.

As I mentioned previously, I am taking a trip to Maui on Tuesday. The surf is supposed to be bombing! Aloha.


Blogger Dr. Ralph said...

Boy I'll say, don't even get me started on the driver thing. If there is a jerk behind the wheel of a car, he will find me.Oh yha on the waves next week in Maui. I am trying to work a trip to the Islands after the hollidays. It depends on the timing of the work load.

3:10 PM  
Blogger puttzle said...

Holidays? Which holidays? You mean early next year?

3:17 PM  
Anonymous martha said...

thats one of the reasons you left ca, besides you should be used to the drivers driving badly,

7:19 PM  
Blogger puttzle said...

I am Martha, but I think drivers here are worse. If they tried driving in California like they do here , freeway shootings would escalate

7:06 AM  
Anonymous martha said...

you need to come back, its much to dangerous over there for you

11:50 AM  

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