Thursday, August 31, 2006


Scratch my last post, we are not moving into that place. Turns out my neighbor/roommate knows someone with a house for rent. We checked it out, and even though it is more expensive, we liked it and are moving in tomorrow. Still in Kilauea, but closer to work, so close that I think it is calling for a bike ride. The guy with the other place was kind of a flake, putting us off time after time. As I said before, I don't mind leaving him in a lurch. That was not the case as he was fine with us bailing at the last minute. After I move in, I will post some pictures.

We should be signing a six month lease, after which time I may call it quits over here and return to somewhere on the madland. I don't know if I can stay here and watch this island deteriorate. I watched that happen in the 70's on Maui. It was painful. It's too bad, because Kaua'i is a special place, but they are destroying it with overdevelopment and non-existent infrastructure.

To me, there is a way to fix this. Stop all large scale development for the immediate future. Then start improving the infrastructure, build affordable housing and roads. With large scale development gone, all the construction workers living here will move on, perhaps to Kona, where there is a shortage of workers. That will open up more housing. It will give the traffic problems some relief. The local contractors can do all the home building, there won't be a huge backlog to get a house built.

When roads and housing in better shape, review. I keep hearing people here say that Kaua'i is becoming another Maui. It doesn't have to. Many visitors make Kaua'i their only destination because of the beauty and slower, rural lifestyle. I hear a lot of those same people complaining about overdevelopment and loss of that lifestyle, and they won't be back.

Stop all the illegal vacation rentals and put conditions on large scale development, such as providing housing for the workers. I don't mean find existing housing, make the developers first build housing for their workers before they start their project. Or better yet, do not allow any more resort development. There is already enough. Improve what is here and make it attractive to the high-end vacationer. That should be the direction that this island takes. Unfortunately, that will never happen as the politicians are all a bunch of crooks, who will be re-elected by the clueless public. Aloha.


Anonymous homeland development said...

Get Bush's friend "Brownie" in on the planning. I hear he does one heck of a job. And now he's a consultant for hire.

5:22 PM  
Blogger puttzle said...

The powers that be love hiring consultants here. They also like suing, even themselves. It's true.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Dingo said...

See you in the morning line-up in 6 months.

3:53 AM  
Blogger puttzle said...

Could be!

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring your camera. Sanodaze hasn't had a good surf post since you left.

12:39 PM  

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