Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pakalas Again

I drove over to Pakalas early this morning, arriving around 6:15. I grabbed my board and made the walk to the beach, saw surf and headed out. My friend Joe in his shorts was there, along with about a dozen others. The surf was 2-4 and pretty fun. From what I heard I didn't miss much in the last few days. While the waves were bigger those days, apparently the shape and crowd numbers left something to be desired.

I had a fun session, but my knee once again acted up. I fear I have torn something in the knee. I guess I should stop trying to figure out what the problem is and seek attention. When I got home I made the call to the clinic and have an appointment tomorrow morning. Since I now have insurance, at least the cost won't be untendable. I figure the GP will take a gander, then refer me to a specialist. I can hardly wait to find out what the deal is. Aloha.


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