Thursday, July 12, 2007

Last night I attended the Stephen Stills concert at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney. I wasn't sure what to expect as I haven't heard much of his stuff for a long time. Remembering how he looked many years ago when he used to hang out in Lahaina, I kind of expected the worst. As it turned out, he was very good. He actually looked better than he did back in the 70's, when he was drinking and partying up a storm, which actually was pretty much the norm back then. I took a couple of pictures with my phone camera, but they didn't come out worth a bean. One of our group went down to floor level and got right in front of the stage and took some pictures as well, again with a phone. Hopefully I can get my hands on one and will post if successful.

Surf is flat, but it looks like, for a few days at least, that the morning overcast is gone as today it is bright and sunny from the get go. Aloha.


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