Friday, July 13, 2007

Teeny, Tiny

I went down to San-O this morning and got in the water, mostly for exercise as the surf was puny, knee to waist high with a tad bigger set every half hour. I met one of my fellow bloggers, "M" from 'The Surf and the Fury', who made the trek from up L. A. Now that's dedication on her part.

The water temp has dropped a bit, I'd say about 5 degrees or so, to around 67. I wore a fullsuit after using a long sleeved springsuit for most of my other sessions and was glad I did. When I first got in the ocean this morning, my little toes started to gripe because they were cold, but by the time I got out, they were fine. If this west winds stays blowing, the water will stay on the coldish side, but once they stop and return to the norm, it should heat back up to the 70's and it will be back to the springsuit. I don't see myself going bareback, unless it hits the high 70's like in Hawaii. Aloha.


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